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Fragile is a concept-EP telling a story throughout all 5 songs. Keep that in mind when you read the lyrics.


released September 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Lost Without Direction Mainz, Germany

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Track Name: Burdens
"Clean your room" she says "Why don't you shove it up your ass?"
"Your grades are getting bad" - "They are just numbers trying to judge me"

I want to live my life the way I want
Give a fuck about the rest and my mother is dumb
They are looking for something? well, I'm hiding it here
The only secret of life: I want to die anywhere

All those damn hypocrits can stay away from me
Politics and religion are just blasphemy
I always got away with everything but this one day

She comes into my room, tears are running down her face,
It's all red and blue like she almost choked to death
She smashes the door, slams her hand into my face
Then she started to scream like she has seen her own death

"Pack your things, you are no son to me
All your life you never showed respect to me
Pack your things, you are no son to me
Pack your things, pack your things"

So it's out the door, only me and my backpack,
And a few bottles to drink
I don't need to live with my mother
Our world is a home for everyone

This is were life begins!

No rules and no restrictions, I never felt so free
Why did I waste my life, prisoned between those walls?

My head against the steel fence
Then to the muddy ground
A knife next to my throat
And my new life in the hands of a stranger

They take all I have
I see them running away
No food, no water, no home, no tv,
No bed, no sleep, I can't take this

There is no way I'll survive this on my own
there is nowhere I can go cause I still got my pride
I'm gonna make new friends here on the streets
People who have fulfilled their only dream

So the days were passing by
Found new friends with the same state of mind
Got used to do drugs
These wonderful elixirs of life

So it's party all day and party all night
Breaking the law and doing whats right
Begging for money, sleeping on a bench
Just to get wasted again

One more shot
One more shot
One more shot
One more shot
One more shot
One more shot
One more shot
One more shot

The drugs are kicking in
"I am king of the world!"
Track Name: Colors
I jump into a deep ocean of colors
All the blackness I painted
All my life is suddenly washed away
While angels are singing in my head

I paint joy and happiness
on every surface I can find
but when I write it on the palm of my hand
It is suddenly disappearing

Sweat and tears are running down my face
My heart feels like it wants to escape my chest
While everything is starting to get blurred
While everything is fading to black

As I open my eyes I see nothing but brick walls
Only me in a dark room
I try to escape, scream for help while I can
Then my voice fades away and my muscles stop to work

So the days were passing by, me lying there with nothing to eat
Some footsteps above me are the only sign of life and I
Feel like I'm fading away, my head can't function in its natural way
So I'm lying there waiting for my heart to stop

My life has never completed me
I blame my selfishness
My life has started to change me
and now I am dying

I hear a key in the lock, is someone going to save me?
The hinges are squeaking, the door slowy reveals his face
Track Name: Deed
I knew it was him
From the start
He is the only one capable of such horrible deed and
He is the one
With the sick mind
Capturing me down here for days without food

I get up on my feet, channel my last power into my voice just to scream
"You are the one who is to blame for all of this
You said that everything will be fine in the end"

My heart skips a beat when he starts approaching me
His black eyes and his cold aura make me shiver

Life will never follow a simple beat
So I start to clench my fist

Time stands still when I hit the mirror
"Why won't you speak?"
Shattered hopes mean 7 years of luck
"What's in here for me?"
The sound of a cracking skull when the pieces hit the floor
I got to ignore those facts and make my way to the door
Left, right and up the stairs, that looks familiar to me
Close the door right behind me, those facts can't be unseen

The last few steps to the hospital
My only hope for some nourishment
Few days later I get out all clean and fresh
But here's the question: is there anything left for me?

There is now way I can get back home now
And my life on the streets didn't bring me far
I left all the drugs and the stealing in that black hole
And I can see how much my so called friends have helped me
All those facts can't be unseen
My memories are just a dream
I just want to move away
And bring my old life to rest

My life is upside down, everything is perfect
I quit the drugs, became an honest man
My new boss helped me out of my misery
There is nothing wrong with being normal and free

We meet in a bar, some colleagues and me
Order us some drinks, just the ordinary
Drink a toast to ourselves, the hard working men
When I see the most beautiful girl looking at me

I feel fireworks and butterflys in my stomach
Green eyes, blonde hair and the softest skin in the world
I've never felt such emotions before
Nice voice, very kind and hopefully my future wife

We have a chat for quite some while
Spend the night at my place
A world without her - without me
Around her finger my wedding ring

So here it is: till death do us part
Who said relationships were some kind of art?
If true love exists, I found it right here
The only secrect of life: I want to get old with you

You and me - the perfect symmetry
A heart and a soul - isn't that what they always say?
Find us the perfect place to stay
We move into a small house - a child is part of the scheme
You and me, together - even death can't part our way
Track Name: Envy
I drive home from work
Just the average afternoon
Put the key into the lock
Enter the living room
I shout "darling, I'm at home"
"Can I start to prepare some dinner?"
The silence is deafening
And no answer on the phone

These stairs never felt so long
The bedroom has never been so empty
A short knock on the bathroom
And the squeaking noise of the door
When I see the bathub filled with blood and
My wife's throat that has been cut and
My heart skips a beat again and
I know that it was him

I drop onto my knees
Clap my hands into my face
I try to push back those tears
"This will be his end!"

Make my way into the bedroom again
Reach under the bedside cabinet
The cold touch of revenge on my hand
And the shivers running through my spine again

So it's down the stairs again
It's like I'm chasing my own life
Suddenly it all starts spinning
Throw myself into my car
Why would he do this?
Why, why, why, why would he do this?
What urge does this man have in his distorted mind?
"I can tell you my son that nothing will ever change
Everything will be fine in the end
It's not your fault, it's not your fault"
"Get out of my head!"

"Your mom and I still love each other
Your new life will be no different than the other"

White paint turned into gray
The tree in the frontyard is dead
Pull myself out of my car
A few kicks to open the door
Now it's down the stairs
Right and left
Open the door
Where I see this man
Track Name: Fragile
He was sitting in the same corner I sat before
Tears were running down his face
He looked me in the eyes and said
That he was ashamed
He said "all I ever wanted was to be with you
To watch you grow up as a child"
And then the earth began to shake
As I started to scream:

"You took my wife and
Your mind consists of fear and delusion
You took her life and
I will break you free of your illusion
You will forget what brought you here
And all the things you always try to adhere
You took her life and
I will do to you what you did to her"

I open my eyes
See the blood on my hands
I put the gun right beside me
See the pictures in my head

What have I done, what have I done, what have I done?
I killed my own father, I can't get the pictures out of my head
Can't get the pictures out of my head

And with my last breath of life I will take my revenge
I will sentence the person who has brought me here in the end
Put the gun to my head, complete the cycle of revenge
Put the finger on the trigger, this is how it's gonna end!

Take it back!
Take it back!
Take it back!
Take it back!
Take it back!
Take it back!
You are not the one who's responsible

Take it back!
Take it back!
Take it back!
Take it back!
Pull the trigger! You don't deserve this life

I got the devil on my left, and the devil on my right
There is no good or bad in my situation
All I want to see is my wife
So I guess there is only one option left for me

This is were my life ends
This is were my life ends